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Tammy of Smiley Eyes Photography shares her story on what inspires her to get into boudoir photography:

Beauty has always been something I have loved from a young age, watching my grandmother who was a socialite, get all primped up for her evenings out with my grandfather. She would meticulously do her hair, makeup and nails, and draw her eyebrows in. She would then dress herself in fabulous gowns and furs.

It was a treat as a young girl to grow up around her. My mother wasn’t so much into dressing up, but I sure did grow up with an appreciation for getting all gussied up.

My mother however, did raise me to appreciate the arts, and it wasn’t long before I was drawing, painting and taking photos of everything in sight, with my little film camera.

Fast forward to 10 years ago, I decided to take up photography full time and pursue a career, doing something I absolutely loved and immediately started out of the gates, photographing women. I found my niche!!
Smiley Eyes Photography was evolved (my nickname “smiley” and “eyes” being the camera).

Since then I have learned, failed, tried again, and have grown to where I am now in my career. I still have lots to learn but am happy to do so! One can never stop learning 🙂

In addition to photography, I also own 2 studios in Edmonton which I have solely to rent out to those who do not have their own space. I have decorated them to appeal to boudoir photographers as well as everything in between.

I have also added teaching to my repertoire, and have my first (sold out) boudoir boot camp on March 5 called Better Boudoir Bootcamp, which I am super excited and nervous about.

Also, I have recently had work published on the cover of Blush magazine and in Solis magazine which was an awesome honor!!

One thing I have learned about photographing boudoir is that it is all about the experience. If you can bring a mix of professionalism, atmosphere and talent together along with knowing how to make your client look and feel amazing, you have won 🙂

Tammy Deren

Smiley Eyes Photography

How to Pick Accessories for Your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir is something that is personal.  It’s meant to make you shine and mean something for you and the person you’re doing the shoot for.  That’s why it’s important to ensure your shoot brings out what makes you unique as a person, lets your individuality shine and also speaks to your partner if you’re doing the shoot as a gift.  This guide will help you pick the accessories to make your shoot as unique as you are.

Time pieces

I’m not talking about clocks.  Is there something from a period of time that you and/or your partner love?  Maybe it’s Casablanca or even a famous movie from the 1980’s.  Think about what makes you and your partner unique and incorporate it in.

If you love classic looks from the golden age of Hollywood, a fascinator, short veil or time period piece are perfect.  Maybe you love theatre and a show like the Phantom of the Opera?  Try opera gloves or a Venetian mask.    Thinking outside of clothing can be fun too.  This black lace parasol is perfect to use as a time piece prop.

If you love sci-fi, you could always go future.  Time period shoots don’t only have to be in the past, you can incorporate fun items like toy laser guns, unique hairstyles and cool futuristic pieces like these atomic ray goggles.

By thinking about what bonds you or brought you together and then thinking about the time period it takes place, you can bring in time pieces that make the photo more meaningful.

Destinations that matter

Travel can spark memories, imagination and also be a fun way to accessorize your boudoir shoot.  If you had a destination honeymoon (either in another city or overseas), tie that in.  If you went to New Orleans, Mardis Gras beads can be a good reminder.

Maybe you dream of traveling to Egypt or are surprising your partner with a trip to Morocco or India, a fun way to surprise them is by wearing a beaded head dress or jeweled coin belt in your shoot.  Think about where you have always wanted to go or a place that has amazing memories and bring something from it into your shoot.

Your boudoir shoot is something special.  It’s something you’re going to remember, look back on and cherish for the rest of your life.  That’s why it’s important to pick the right accessories.  Think about something special that bonds you and the person you’ll be sharing it with.  Now choose props and accessories from that time period or destination and you’ll be on your way to an amazing boudoir shoot that screams you.


Infographic: Lingerie Tips for Curvy Women

lingerie for your body type

Tricia And Amy . Leduc Boudoir Photographer

I’m Amy Malott, from Tricia and Amy. I decided that I wanted to help women feel as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside. As I started to shoot more curvy girl boudoir I found out we all share the same worries, the same image issues. Every woman is beautiful, regardless of size, age, anything. I bring women in with the goal of making every single woman feel fabulous. Because they are.

I chose a word this  year, a word to pay attention to and strive for. My word was EMPOWER. I chose it because I wanted to help women feel empowered, safe and sure in their bodies, and their thoughts. Little did I know it would catapult me into a mental breakdown of sorts, about my own self shaming, insecurities,  and my own idea of what my ‘worth’ was.

I decided to do the thing that terrified me most. I needed to book a boudoir session. I was unhappy with my mind, my ambition, my drive and most of all, my body.  Scared to bare chunky belly and saggy boobs. I knew if I could see myself, through someone else’s eyes, my curvy bumpy body would maybe look differently. So I did. I am petrified, terrified and I’m going to do it. I want to show all women how beautiful they are, that doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. We have marketed boudoir, but not specifically to curvy girls. This was a huge step for me. I guess I just wanted all the Curvy girls to know, I’m there, right there with you. The same fear, insecurities and all the  reasons you tell yourself why you can’t do it, I am here with you and telling you can.

Check out Amy’s work at

Prepare For Your Photoshoot: Photoshop in A Bottle

You have a long anticipated photoshoot coming up. Coming out of the long winter months, how do you get the vacation glow without stepping a toe on the beach?

Spray tan is like Photoshop in real life. Not only it gives you that enviable vacation glow, it contours your body to make you look trimmer and toned as a result. It’s the perfect prep before a photoshoot.

Our friends at Suburbia Hair Spa shared a few tips to make sure you get the perfect tan you desire:

When to get a spray tan?
It is not recommended to get a spray tan the day of your event, as it needs to develop for at least 8 hours to reach its true color. We recommend to get spray tan done a day or two prior to your photoshoot.

What shade should I get?
Consult with your spray tan technician to ensure that you get the shade you want.

Some tanning solutions has a green base (which sounds weird), but this prevents that horrid orange undertone. St. Tropez is an example, it also comes in 3 different tan solutions you can choose from:

  1. Lightest tan
    A classic bronzing mist, which is oil free and self adjusting that will leave you with a natural looking tan
  2. Light tan
    An express bronzing mist. This solution is a gradual tan, allowing you to select your desired shade by the amount of time the solution is left on.
  3. Darkest tan
    The darkest bronzing mist, which has extra conditioners and protective ingredients that will provide a streak free tan while evening out your skin tone.

What should I do before my spray tan appointment?

  1. Exfoliate your skin, concentrating especially around the knees and elbows. If you have any areas that are overly dry, make sure to exfoliate those spots as well.
  2. Shave prior to your spray tan. Do not shave after getting your spray tan, it will come off.
  3. To avoid streaking which will result into an uneven tan, do not wear any moisturizer, make-up, or deodorant prior to your spray tan appointment.

How do I keep my glowing tan for as long as possible?
Your spray tan will last 4-7 days, depending on how you maintain it at home.

To help extend your spray tan, you can:

  • Use a tan booster, it helps prolong your spray tan  for up to 4 days longer
  • For the first 12 hours, avoid any activities which may cause perspiration
  • Moisturize daily, coconut oil proves to be an excellent moisturizer
  • Try not to rub your skin after, as it may discolor the palm of your hands.

 Before/After Photos

C o n n e c t
D i s c o v e r